7 Advantages of Using Structural Insulated Panels

Today there are so many different options out there when it comes to building something new. However, not all of these options are as high quality or attractive as some of the other older building methods.

When it comes to building something from the ground up, you want to use innovative and interesting material that will also stand the test of time. In addition to this, you also want materials that are sustainable, safe, durable and are good value for money, especially if you are on a tight budget!

What’s more, you are also looking for methods or materials that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of what you are building so that it can best represent your idea or vision.

There are very few materials or methods that meet these many expectations but using structural insulated panels might just be one of them!

To help you discover how dynamic and convenient using structural insulated panels really are, here is a list of the 7 most salient advantages or pros to using structural insulated panels when you are constructing something new.

Why Use Structural Insulated Panels?

Using structural insulated panels are a great, if not a better alternative to traditional construction methods or materials. Here are some of the most important advantages or pros to using structural insulated panels and how they can make your construction better, more stylish and more sustainable. What more could you possibly want?


When it comes to buildings, one of the most common complaints is that of how it copes with regulating the temperature inside its walls. This often begs the question, are buildings always supposed to be that cold?

Structural insulated panels provide the perfect solution to this problem! These panels are extremely airtight, which results in the absence of cold areas or cold drafts. This makes structural insulated panels excellent to construct or build with. You will never have to complain, or hear about complaints, regarding how cold the building or your home is!

Using Space Efficiently

Very often, the marker of success for how you build a space is how you utilize or stretch that space to accommodate as much as it can without it looking cluttered or unappealing. Saving space is the ultimate way to make the most of what you don’t have; to be more clear, you usually have very little space to work with and making buildings or structures look bigger requires a lot of effort and forethought.

Structural insulated panels have the huge advantage of doing this work for you; because they allow walls that have smaller widths, roof trusses, which are usually quite bulky, are no longer needed thereby opening up your space!

When you take this into consideration, the amount of floor space you can now have can increase by as much as 10%! So if you’re looking for a way to make the absolute most of the space you have, structural insulated panels are the way to go!


With the increase in construction across the board and more and more people living in close quarters with one and another, soundproof construction is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

This is where structural insulated panels come in. Structural insulated panels provide the soundproof structures that you have been looking for all along. Structural insulated panels have absorbing properties that allow this material to absorb sound, thereby making the building or home that you use these panels, much quieter.

With everyone looking for quiet neighborhoods or areas to live in, be it to raise young children, to retire in peace or play loud music without having their neighbors complain about them, sound-proof constructions are in high demand! In other words, structural insulated panels are the way to go if you are looking to build something that is both stylish and appealing to practically everyone!


One of the great benefits of building something from the ground up is the option of creativity and freedom to build something that completes your vision as it were. However, very often you find that the materials you use to build something limits what you can or cannot build and how you go about building it.

When it comes to structural insulated panels though, this is not a concern! With structural insulated panels, you can build a great variety of structures and more importantly, this material can also be used in diverse ways.

You can use structural insulated panels to build both internal and external walls, the surface of a roof or even floors! Moreover, you can use structural insulated panels to create both residential or commercial constructions (or a combination of the two) and they are compatible with a myriad design options as well. This makes working with structural insulated panels every designer or architect’s dream!


When it comes to building any kind of the structure, durability is probably the most important factor you should take into consideration. A house or a building has to be built with durability as its number one priority; durability is the true marker of good construction!

When it comes to structural insulated panels, you can definitely depend on this for stability and structure!

In regions of the world that are prone to natural disasters that wreak havoc on building and other similar structures, such as Japan and the United States of America, structural insulated panels have proved time and time again that they can withstand these calamities. In other words, structural insulated panels are more or less resistant to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

You should definitely keep this advantage of structural insulated panels in mind when deciding how to go about building a structure.

Environmentally Friendly

Today it is becoming more and more important to be as environmentally conscious as possible. With climate change rapidly altering our environment and more specifically, with the cost of construction on the earth, going green is really the only way to go!

In many ways, using structural insulated panels meet many of the standards that we want to meet today as conscious consumers.

Here are some of the many ways in which structural insulated panels are environmentally friendly.

  • In general, structural insulated panels use far less energy than other alternatives. For example, it requires 80% less energy to use structural insulated panels than it is to use concrete instead for construction.
  • When you use structural insulated panels, it has the least amount of cold bridging possible and is also draught free. This makes it adjust to the weather accordingly, thereby reducing energy costs by 60%.
  • The materials you use for structural insulated panels, namely OSB board and polyurethane core are both recyclable. What could be more environmentally friendly than that?

So if you’re looking for a construction option that is going to take the climate into consideration, look no further than structural insulated panels!


Structural insulated panels are one of the easiest materials to work with when it comes to construction. They require very little special equipment, if any at all, and are also low on labor costs.

With a small workforce and inexpensive tools, structural insulated panels are the way to go if you’re looking for an affordable option for constructing a structure. So if you’re looking for a high-quality option that falls within a limited budget, then structural insulated panels might be the perfect fit for you!

Resale Value

If you are specifically looking to sell the property that you are working on or if you are hoping to be able to sell the building or house in the future, then structural insulated panels are a great option.

Given their many advantages, such as how environmentally sustainable they are, they are quite appealing to future buyers! So keep this in mind when you’re thinking of the long-term value of your building or structure.

What Next?

So it is clear that you can’t go wrong if you use structural insulated panels!

However, you should make sure that the material you are getting is the correct one and is of the highest quality so that you can make the most of its many advantages.

Building something can be a very exciting process but also a very stressful process. Using structural insulated panels might be one of the ways to ensure that it is a more exciting and less stressful experience than you would otherwise have! So whether you are building something residential or commercial or somewhere in between, you should know that using structural insulated panels is a viable option and one that you should definitely explore if you are looking for something that is not only stylish but also the most sustainable and versatile option out there!

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