The most beautiful homes are the ones that are true to a specific style because they appear put together.

Everyone loves to look at beautiful historic homes and wonder, “Would I like living there?”

Take this quiz and find out which type of historic house is right for you, so you’ll never have to wonder again.

Results are based on your choices between characteristics of traditional Gothic/Gothic Revival, Victorian/Georgian, and Neoclassical homes.

1. What type of windows do you like best?

A. I like pointed, high windows that provide a big but spooky view. (Gothic)

B. I prefer bay windows I could sit in and dream all day. (Victorian)

C. The best windows are symmetrical and match each other. (Neoclassical)

2. How do you like your garden to look? 

A. Colorful and sprawling, with lots of decorations that exude my personal style. (Gothic)

B. I like balancing sprawling plants with nicely trimmed pieces. (Victorian)

C. Well maintained and simply elegant is how I need my garden. (Neoclassical)

3. What time period speaks to you?

A. Definitely late medieval periods because they fit my style. (Gothic)

B. I would love to live at the height of the English monarchy, with styles set by the royalty. (Victorian)

C. Periods around the American Revolution are fascinating to me. (Neoclassical)

4. What kind of roof makes you happy?

A. Tall and pointy – maybe with a tower even. (Gothic)

B. I prefer towers, but not necessarily really tall ones. (Victorian)

C. Stately, elegant roofs are important to me. (Neoclassical)

5. What statement best describes your style? 

A. I love beautiful colors, lots of decoration, and not worrying about going overboard. (Gothic)

B. I like to pay attention to the details, but I also enjoy having some sprawling elements. (Victorian)

C. I have more of a clean, classic style, and I like everything to match well. (Neoclassical)

6. What accent colors would you like best? 

A. Any! All colors are welcome in my home. (Gothic)

B. I don’t like earthy colors very much, so I prefer to stick with some brighter colors. (Victorian)

C. I’m particular, so I prefer to choose colors that match easily, like black, gold, and clay colors. (Neoclassical)

7. What kind of decorations do you like? 

A. I like circular tables and furniture and some clutter to complete the look. (Gothic)

B. I like to have baskets and lots of plants in my space. (Victorian)

C. I like simple, clean lines and lots of pottery. (Neoclassical)

8. Which pair of words makes you feel good?

A. Narrow and asymmetrical (Gothic)

B. Sprawling and bright (Victorian)

C. Elegant and lush (Neoclassical)

What the Kind of Historic House Fits You?

Mostly A – Gothic/Gothic Revival Homes

historic houseYour style leans toward the medieval, Gothic style. You love high, pointy towers and arches in your windows. These buildings are tall, rather than wide, and they can be made of a variety of materials. Your can choose from a large selection of beautiful colors and decorations without worrying about losing the Gothic elements you love. While some styles restrict you to subdued colors, with Gothic design you are able to choose from bright blues, reds, and golds – or you can choose a simpler color palette if that’s your style. Intricate design is important to you, and you will find plenty in this architectural piece of history.

Mostly B – Victorian/Georgian Houses

historic houseYou tend to fall in love with historic English designs, and in choosing your home, you can find exactly what you love the most. The Victorian style of home is typically going to be narrow and tall, featuring lots of stairs. You will find towers and turrets, adding to the vertical aspect of this type of home. Decorative trim and moldings are important to this style, as are the bay windows common to this architectural design. Unlike many other designs, asymmetry is important to Victorian styles. You can play with colors a little in this style, but don’t go overboard! Balance your bright additions with a couple of subdued pieces as well.

Mostly C – Neoclassical Homes

historic houseYou like the grandeur and stylish elegance of Greek and Roman styles, so you naturally gravitate to the neoclassical style. Symmetry makes you feel at peace, like everything is in its place, and balance speaks to you. It may be those columns that draw you in, or the big portico offering tons of thinking room.

Either way, you find yourself happiest surrounded by the clean designs of this architecture. Neoclassical styles are unlike other historical houses in that it is streamlined. While other styles do demand balance, few require as much delicate work as these. If you find yourself drawn to simple elegance, you will be happy as can be in this type of home.


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