When you picture a mirror wall, you probably think of tacky 80’s decor, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Thankfully, that look went out with sky-high hair. There are ways to decorate with mirrors without sacrificing style, in fact, a mirror wall can actually be the feature that completes a room.

What a Mirror Wall Does for a Room

Professional interior designer Vanessa Deleon, the host of SpacesTV’s “Your Place is a Dealbreaker” and featured designer for Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible,” says that mirror walls aren’t just a thing of the past.

“People have a misconception about wall-to-wall mirrors, thinking they’re dated,” says Deleon. But she added that when you decorate with mirrors, you should make sure it is reflecting something you want people to see.  “The worst thing a decorator can do is hang mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home. You want a mirror to reflect a nice view or bounce light.”

A beautiful well-placed mirror can do a lot for a room. Mirrors reflect light and open up space. They can make a small space seem larger by giving the illusion of depth. A mirror at the top of a staircase or in a hallway can widen the space. But according to Deleon, there are a few places you should never put mirrors.

“If a mirror is in a bedroom and it reflects the bed, it’s not a good look,” she said, suggesting you opt to place the mirror behind you, above the headboard instead.

Mirrors on ceilings are another bad look. “A mirror on a ceiling is very tacky,” Deleon warned. “This is something you’d see in a cheap motel, or in some retro movie from the 1970s.”

Types of Decorative Mirrors

There are many different ways to create a mirror wall in your home without it looking dated or tacky. Below are several types of decorative mirrors that can be used to make the perfect mirror wall for your home.

Sadie Cream Arch Decorative Leaner Arch Mirror

Image via Kirkland’s

This mirror from Kirkland’s is a unique statement piece. With a distressed cream wood finish and decorative patterned wood design, this mirror comes ready to mount on your wall with no additional hardware needed for installation.

Belham Living Marla Oversized Mirror

Image via Hayneedle

The Belham Living Marla Oversized Mirror, available at Hayneedle, gives the effect of a mirror wall with none of that tacky 80’s feel. This distinguished focal point adds the perfect touch to your living room.

Classic Double Wide Mirror

Image via the Pottery Barn

This Classic Double Wide Mirror in espresso, which is available at the Pottery Barn, is the perfect mirror to place above your sofa or a large bathroom vanity.

Even if you decide to go with stick-on mirrors that may seem reminiscent of the 80’s in theory, there are many updated options to choose from that will add the perfect touch to any room.

Alrens Geometric Art Mirror Effect 3D Wall Sticker

Image via Amazon

This 48 piece set provides an affordable and easy to install mirrored detail that fits over your sofa or serves as an eye-catching backdrop for your television.

ZJCilected Rectangle Mirror Wall Stickers

Image via Amazon

Available from Amazon in sets of 10, these rectangular stickers give a mirror wall that is unique and modern. This is an affordable do-it-yourself option that can jazz up any room of your home.

Finding the Right Wall Mirror for Your Room

Choosing the right mirror for your home is much like choosing any other feature. What style of mirror is best depends on what style the room already has. For example, you shouldn’t try to put an ultra-modern mirror into a room that is clearly Victorian. It just doesn’t work. The same with trying to put a massive antique mirror into a tiny modern apartment. Let the existing style guide you.

The internet has opened up the world and everyone now has access to items across the globe. You can use this to your advantage when trying to create the perfect mirror wall for your home. You may also be able to find options locally that could even be custom made to your specifications. It is also possible to order custom made mirrors online as well, so make sure you check to see if this is an option if you find a shop that has a style you love but none of their premade options are exactly what you need.

Featured image: CC by A-SA 4.0, International by Rayne Mirrors via Wikimedia Commons

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