This article will explore minimalism as it relates to minimalist design. The increasing popularity of minimalism, a trend away from consumerism and its resulting clutter, holds promise of a more sane lifestyle with a greater focus on the things that truly matter in life. The lure of a simpler life is one that calls to us often. Minimalist homes can answer that call, but there’s much to know and consider before investing in changes that create such a major turnaround in how we live.

Minimalist Homes FAQ

home with clutter free and open space plan

1. What Is Minimalism?

The definition is any style or method that is spare, simple, and often repetitious and impersonal in tone. This can apply to art, literature, dance, music, architecture, and lifestyle.

2. What Is Minimalist Design?

This is a name for the architectural, exterior and interior art form of buildings. It would be easy to conceive of this as merely less design, just plain and unadorned. That is not necessarily the case. The saying, “less is more” does apply, but there are several other aspects of minimalist design that are equally as important. For instance, walls, ceilings and floors should be like a blank slate. In other words, they should be without pattern and of neutral color.

With that neutral base, furnish a room with the cream of the crop items according to your own budget. Tasteful items need not be expensive. And when there is something that really is eye-catching, feature it where it will best serve the room. While never forgetting to keep it simple, also remember to arrange furnishings and even overall design to strike a balance. A balanced motif is pleasing.

3. What Is Minimalist Architecture?

minimalist living room

Homes of this type are defined by their architectural style. They are uncluttered and streamlined while still having an appealing appearance. The lines of the design are important in achieving this, but much more goes into it. Structural, ornamental additions are not used, as a rule. The interior adheres to the overall design, but tasteful choices which bring life and a bit of excitement to it are encouraged. Colorful but simple decor and high quality construction materials do not interfere with a minimalist approach, but can add a warmth or depth to the style of the home.

4. Are Tiny Houses and Minimalist Homes the Same Thing?

They are not. Having said that, tiny houses can be considered minimalist homes. Minimalist homes need not be tiny houses. They can be of various sizes.

5. Can Homes Be Converted From Conventional to Minimalist?

No matter what the house looks like on the outside, people can eliminate the clutter and go minimalist on the interior by furnishing it in such a way. They can even do a remodel to the basic structure and streamline it inside and out.

What We Reviewed

  • Open Space Plan
  • Lake Lugano House
  • Clutter-Free & Concealed Space
  • A Summer House
  • Minimalist Tiny House
  • Balance-Proportion-Harmony
  • Off-Grid Simple Tiny House Cabin

sample of an open space plan

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Open Space Plan


This design example shows one room. It has ample hardwood flooring, one open wall that leads to another room, and a circular staircase. The walls are white, and at one end there are entertainment components that are mainly black and they are backed by a black/white rectangular design framing the spot.

The only other furniture in the room consists of two simple white couches facing each other with a low black table between them, a black cabinet behind the more centrally located couch and two potted trees on either side of the entertainment area. The room is well lit, and the ceiling at least of average height.

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Lake Lugano House


This strikingly beautiful glass house on Lake Lugano in Switzerland has two floors. The upper floor is where the living room, dining room, kitchen and storage areas are located. The lower floor has the bedrooms, bathrooms and garage. It is shaped roughly like a trapezoid. The roof is flat. The interior color scheme is very light in color, with blonde hardwood on floors and walls. The floor plan is efficient with little wasted space. Having the bedrooms and bathrooms on the lower floor lends privacy where it’s most needed. The upper glass perimeter provides views of the lake and mountains in the area.

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minimalist bedroom

Clutter-Free & Concealed Space


Bringing a room to an uncluttered state under this clever design is made relatively easy. Here we have storage units built into the recessed walls through shelving and cabinets. White panels run along one wall to conceal items stored on the shelves. Track lighting gives the space an ethereal quality. The room is thus converted into a pleasant place for conversation, catching up on your devices or reading on a comfortable gray couch or matching easy chair. They rest atop wood platforms that match a low table in the center of the room that can hold items in attractive boxes or baskets as another option.

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A Summer House


A place for a summer getaway is always desirable. A modern minimalist design in the concept of a Tea House was built in the Silicon Valley among forest trees. There are three houses and each house is constructed of steel and glass, with the supporting frame embedded into concrete. The supports are set so the front room above hangs suspended over the lookout point. The light wood floors, ceilings and tables complement the natural setting. The bedroom and bathroom maintain the theme toward the rear of the house with minimalistic and elegant amenities.

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Minimalist Tiny House


When the truly dedicated minimalist imagines a tiny house, this could be the design visualized. Compact at 84 square feet, it has everything needed for everyday living. There’s a kitchenette, two lofts for sleeping, bathroom and sitting room in the hall. The design provides space for a flat screen TV, a wall unit for air conditioning, a refrigerator, cook stove, and butcher block counter top next to a stainless steel sink. The price of $10,000 makes it affordable for almost everyone.

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The visual balance referred to earlier comes into play with this design. It features one room with neutral colored beige walls with a darker brown hard floor and ceiling that also has a white section from which four lights are suspended in a row. Light is also provided by a large window on one wall.

Two couches face each other with a low table between on a thin mat. A large colorful painting hangs on the far wall as a stylish centerpiece for the scene. Small palms on the floor flank the painting. A bench with two bottles and a bowl rests in front of the painting. Proportion is provided by expert placement of the furnishings.

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Off-Grid Simple Tiny House Cabin


This design is rustic and environmentally conscious. At 192 square feet, it surpasses Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond. It is built with at least some repurposed materials. The ceiling is of wood that is pallet-like. There are windows on both sides and at least one end, allowing light to flood into the cabin. The kitchen is equipped with a four-burner propane stove and wood shelves that help with storage.

The bathroom features a compost toilet. There is also a loft maximizing the serviceable space, and it is furnished with a queen-sized bed. This one is ideal for places like Vermont, where it is located.

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living room and dining area

Clutter in a house is a leading cause of domestic stress. Minimalist homes can bring that stress level way down. In this article, we have shown some excellent options on which to model a move to a minimalist lifestyle.

We’ve demonstrated how one room can be transformed into a minimalist haven. Even having one minimalist room can be great for use as a meditation room, an exercise room, or a space for just clearing your head. The tiny house option could completely revamp your approach to life, affording the opportunity to put it on a piece of land or tow one around the country or help you get off the grid entirely. If you’re enjoying a fulfilling career in those peak earning years, finding one of those minimalist homes away from home as a summer place or a weekend getaway can be the way to go.

The architectural marvels we’ve sampled in this article would be fabulous places to live in minimalist bliss. These are all exciting choices. If you’re leaning toward minimalist living, the best choice should be based on what resonates with you the most and what works best from a financial point of view. You can slip into it gradually or take a flying leap if you’re able to do so. It’s great to know there’s a way for you to make the change when you’re ready.

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