There’s a particular mystery surrounding gothic houses, and people expect strange things to happen in or near one. The chilling part is when they really do.

Owning a gothic revival house or mansion is a privilege. The Gothic style is the staple of many medieval churches and abbeys, as well as palaces and castles. And when you choose to make it your home, it’s as if you decided to time-travel. But, there’s a price to pay when living in such an unconventional house. You’ll have a lot of talking to do and stories to inve… erhm, tell.

And should I mention all the situations that make you second-guess your decision to move in?

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Posted by Blackinfinity on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

7 Situations a Gothic House Owner Knows Too Well

Mysterious stories, creepy phenomena, and weird noises – these are things out of which most people get a thrill. And gothic houses have them all.

Regardless of the gothic subtype that defines your shelter, here are seven situations you’re most probably familiar with.

1. People Ask You All the Time About Strange Phenomena Occurring in Your Home

Be it a goblin’s spirit that hides in the cellar, or weird incantations that you hear vaguely late at night, visitors are convinced you have some secrets to tell. Even if you have never had a paranormal experience, people walk in thinking you probably have.

2. And Sometimes, You Do Have Stories to Share

No matter how long you’ve been living in your gothic house, there still are some things that you can’t explain through pure logic. Okay, maybe you haven’t experienced door slamming (yet), but are there any rooms where it’s unnaturally cold? Or places where you can hear creepy sounds? Maybe it was just a cat hissing in the night…

3. With Gothic Houses, Maintenance Is Everything Else but Low-Key

Gothic Victorian MansionWho would like to live in?

Posted by Lovely Nature on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When you decided you wanted to live in a gothic house, were you aware of how much time and effort you’d have to put in maintenance? If you kept the original furniture and design elements, there are lots of old things that need to be preserved and handled with care.

Moreover, most of these homes are relatively spacious, with many rooms that have high ceilings and large windows. Good luck with cleaning those!

Luckily, the frills in the gothic style are defined by the colorful glass, and not accurate architectural details, so at least dusting won’t cover twice the time for cleaning.

4. People Are in Awe When They Visit the First Time

Besides that specific thrill and mystery, a gothic home has a rare elegance. It definitely isn’t the last building you notice on the street, as the style itself is grandiose and imposing. In other words, it makes a statement.

And because people are fascinated by imposing buildings, each first visit turns into a tour of the house. Have you ever thought of charging every new visitor that wants a tour?

5. And This Is Why Everyone Assumes You’re a Drama Lover

This stereotypical association is common particularly in people who own a classical gothic house, renowned for its darkness-evoking atmosphere (although the gothic style was intended to bring more light in buildings).

The style itself is defined by dramatic, ample structure, so probably people think “to each his own.”

Yes, it could mean you usually tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. But maybe it just means you have a sweet spot for fine architecture.

6. Others Joke About Decorating Your Home in Modern Style for Halloween

Gothic Revival Victorian House

Posted by on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

If you’re the only one in your group blessed with the opportunity to live in such an amazing home, then Halloween jokes don’t take you by surprise. Not even in the middle of the summer. Because you’ve already heard them all.

7. You May Have a Stack of Gifted Candles and Cushions

What is a gothic house without its traditional ornaments? That is probably what most people think before visiting one. If you enjoy them, lucky for you!

But if you don’t, you could kindly ask people to bring you something else when they visit (eventually something that’s not house-related).

Gothic Houses: The Quirks or the Perks?

Even if it might get frightening to hear things, yet see no one outside, living in a gothic house is an incredible experience. It’s like celebrating Halloween every day, but without the candies!

And the truth is that despite making fun of your home and wearing you out in search of supernatural stories, your friends love that place.

And such a home is definitely not for the light-hearted, so cheers to you for surviving in there! If you’re not up for this, perhaps a contemporary home is more your speed.

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