If you want to know how to upgrade your home of any style look amazing for under $50, try one of these great projects. They are all fairly simple, astonishingly cheap, and many can even be done for nothing but the cost of your time. These upgrade ideas will work in any style of home, and with any decorating scheme.

We’ve included three “secret shopping” locations so that you can get more for less. Actually, in some cases, you can get paint for free – arguably one of the larger expenses in any remodel.

1. Simple Fixture Facelifts for Less

Remove, spraypaint, and replace drawer pulls, cabinet hardware, and even your doorknobs. You can also replace them using the secret shopping locations listed at the end of the article. If you are going to replace your hardware, and don’t need many pieces, you can get them pretty cheap at any hardware store.

Some tips to remember while you are shopping for hardware:

  • Take one of your handles (of each style, like drawer pulls and cupboard door hardware) with you so you know how far apart the screw holes should be, etc.
  • Pay attention to the style of the room, and shop around online to see what kind of style you are looking for so you aren’t overwhelmed by choices while shopping.
  • Remember, the color doesn’t matter. If you can paint a metal doorknob (as shown below) you can make your hardware the color you wanted, cheap.

USB outlets by the bed 9.99 on Amazon. Ok, so this isn’t going to make things LOOK much different. Except for cutting down on the number of USB adapter plugs you have eating up your outlets and wall space. But, what it will do is make your space updated, more functional, and

2. Paint Hacks that Look Like a Million Bucks

You can not underestimate the wow factor of a simple coat of paint. We will talk about ways to get paint cheap, even free, later on in this article. However, in this section, we are going to cover the best looks you can get with paint for nearly no hit to the wallet. At least, in comparison to what you thought a home interior makeover would cost.

Paint your front door. Yes, just that… it’s not so much of a project and can be done really easily. But, it will change the entire face of your house. Choose a color to accent your yard, trim and home, and go all out. Consider using a stencil as described in the bedroom section of this article to make it even more personalized. Ace hardware carries Front Door Paint (yes, that’s what it’s called) for $37.99 in a large color pallette that is sure to suit your needs.

3. Furniture Upgrade Solutions

Cover that couch, cheap. When you can buy slipcovers for your couch at Walmart for as low as $24, and Overstock.com has you covered too for as low as $33 — why not just cover the wear on your sturdy sofa? You can get stretch to fit, not your grandma’s bulky shapeless cover. It’s totally worth it for the upgrade.

Make throw pillows. You can buy cloth placemats at just about any dollar store, and an inexpensive bag of pillow stuffing. If your placements are not two layers, fold the placemat in half, so it is a rectangle, and hot glue or sew one short side, and one long side, shut. Shove the pillow stuffing into the open side until it is the firmness desired, and then close the third side. These cheap throw pillows will look great in the living room, on your chair, or on a bench. OR you can try this simple method:

4. Window Treatment Upgrades that Won’t Break the Bank

Your windows have a lot to do with not only curb appeal but the attractiveness of your entire decorating scheme. Simple changes can make a huge difference in your home, inside and out.

Ombre dyed curtains with clip-on rings

Posted by Sew Blessed Home Accessories on Monday, August 18, 2014

First, upcycle your curtains to “new” with dye. If you have light colored curtains, you can dye them. Whether to match your favorites chair or create a bold accent color. Choose a dye color that is both brighter, and in the same color family (unless they are white) , as the original curtains to avoid an ugly brown whoops. You can even get an “ombre” effect like that pictured above. Here is a step by step gallery, from Home Polish, on how to achieve this look.

A second option, paint the sills. It’s way easier and cheaper than painting the whole room but can really make a huge visual impact.

Third, consider faux stained glass effects. There are cheap, though some can be quite a long process. They’re also a great way to add visual interest to your lackluster window. We’ve found two techniques, and both are super inexpensive.

Paper stained glass, it doesn’t cost much, but it is time intensive and not a permanent solution:

This method will work perfectly on any removable window, or your thrity find of a window at a flea market could go right over your existing window:

5. Kitchen and Bathroom Tricks on the Cheap

Your kitchen and bathroom are areas where a little money can actually go a long way. Going for low cost, budget friendly upgrades, you can make a serious difference without a huge investment.

If you have poor lighting in your kitchen and want to add some interest, consider an inexpensive white rope light. Walmart carries 18 foot long light ropes for $6.98. Put them under the edge of your cabinets, using either finishing nails in the trim to wedge them above or screw in cup-hooks (Pack of 20, 1.02 from Walmart.com).

Kitchen cupboards, ditch the doors and add some paint. If you’ve always wanted glass, but that is just expensive right now, ditch the top doors on your cabinets. Filling the holes from removed hardware is cheap and easy, and a coat of paint can be very cheap — free even — with the secret shopping locations below. Contact paper the inside for added wow factor, much like in the video below.

Bathroom counters can easily be updated with contact paper for under 25.00:

Recaulk the Bathroom, it’s easy, creates a clean, beautiful look, and costs you very little. You can buy caulking strips (Lowes, $2.48) for easy application or self-applicating tubes of caulk (under 3.00) It’s far too easy and cheap to overlook when you want bang for your buck. The most important thing to do is completely remove the old caulk. Here is a DIY video to help you get it right.

7. Bedroom Boosters on a Budget

Faux Headboards: Don’t have a headboard, or want to save some space and get rid of a bulky one you don’t need or use? Paint it on the wall. Just that, it’s so simple! With these tips on how to make a visually interesting faux headboard. You’ll need yarn, a piece of chalk, paint (and painting equipment) and some imagination.

Use Stencils to create a faux-wallpaper accent wall, chair rail or other interest. Stencils can be over $50 by themselves, but you can find them for less on Amazon ($14.99) and at Walmart. Or, make your own stencil, as it shows in the video below:

Here is how to apply that stencil to your walls:

8. Underrated Strategies to Overhaul Your Interior Design

Purge. Simple, clean lines make for very striking visuals. If you are overburdened with mountains of furniture, too many decorations, and miles of swag, it’s time to cut back. You may not want to go as far as the woman in the video below, but it is a good reference point. Sometimes, just what we leave out can make a huge difference. As well as “uplighting” which is mentioned in the video. You can get cheap uplighting online for $7.86 on VeryVery.com.

Rearrange your furniture. Simply placing your furniture in a new arrangement a few times a year is a great strategy. it helps avoid wear patterns on your flooring or carpeting and makes your space feel new.

Change your lighting. Moving the light sources in your home will change the way a room feels. Adding inexpensive under cupboard lights in your kitchen, or a few small LED lights in your living room, can make all the difference in the world. You can use the uplights mentioned above, or the rope lights also mentioned in this article to create a new interest in your room.

9. Secret Shopping Locations For Outstanding Value on Home Restoration Supplies

1. Habitat for Humanity Resale: find the nearest one and go there! You will find everything from lumber to office chairs, bathroom vanities to front doors. Carpet, rugs, sinks, hardware, even small household items and gardening needs. These stores benefit Habitat for Humanity, a great charity, as well. Not only will you most likely find something that
2. Free paint and varnish at your local hazardous waste recycling center, or cheap “oops” paint that is in your colorscheme. Here are three great tips on getting free paint for your projects.

10. There’s an App for that: Offerup, Craigslist, local Facebook “Free” or “for sale” groups, and “Freecycle” groups. Get on them and watch for free leftover paint, lumber, hardware, all sorts of stuff. You can also put up an ad asking for what you are looking for.

It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in a “fixer-upper.” Nor, for that matter, an interior design shake-up to freshen the look of your home. So, there you have it, 23 great ideas to help you get that wow factor for under $50 dollars.

Featured image: CC by CC 0, via Pixabay

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