When it comes to decor, nothing sets the tone of a room like its flooring. It quite literally defines the room and its ambiance and tends to dictate the stylistic direction of the space.

Flooring is not only one of the main aesthetically important features of a space but is also a significant feature when it comes to the practicalities of a room. For example, the flooring you would want for a child’s room would be quite different from the flooring you would want for a formal dining room.

The kind of flooring you have has to be compatible with the amount of space you have, the climate, the immediate environment, the region, the purpose and the atmosphere of a room or a home.

So when it comes to picking out flooring for a place, you not only have to keep your aesthetic needs but also your practical needs in mind; you don’t just want flooring that looks good but flooring that will also stand the test of time!

Cork flooring is often one of the best options for this. It not only offers style but also is a convenient option and is, above all, a pragmatic option.

Here are the most salient pros and cons of cork flooring and why it might be the exact type of flooring you have been searching for!


​There are tons of pros when it comes to cork flooring; it is just a matter of which are the most important ones for you!

So here are some of the most significant advantages of using cork flooring.floor tile

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Soft Surface

​If you want a floor surface that is going to go easy on your feet, then look no further than cork flooring!One of the biggest advantages of having cork flooring is that it has a soft surface that immediately cushions your feet, which is particularly advantageous if you have cork flooring in a room where you are more likely to spend your time standing instead of sitting. It’s easier on your feet!Having a soft surface is also a big pro in terms of injuries; you are less likely to sustain injuries if you fall when you have cork flooring making it a perfect choice for areas of the house where children are going to spend their time running about.

​Stays Warm

​Another big advantage of having cork flooring is its ability to maintain a certain, comfortable temperature throughout the year.If you are someone who always has cold toes and feet, then this might be perfect for you as it stays at room temperature, providing a constant and comfortable temperature for your floor surface, across different seasons.So if you are prone to wearing socks or slippers around the house because you’re cold, cork flooring might just be what you’re looking for!floor

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​Go Green

​If you are committed to living an environmentally healthy lifestyle and would like to incorporate this into every aspect of your lifestyle, including decor, then cork flooring could be the ideal option for you.Cork flooring is a green option as cork can actually absorb carbon, thereby helping to clean the air around you. Another reason it is a green option because it is sourced from trees without actually causing harm to the trees.Moreover, it is not only naturally occurring but it can also easily be reproduced in the environment, which also makes it biodegradable!As a result of all of this, cork flooring can help you save money when it comes to paying heating or cooling bills. In other words, when it comes to an environmentally friendly option, it doesn’t get any better than cork flooring!

​Easy Maintenance

​Unlike many other materials used for flooring, cork is easy to maintain, making it hassle-free! However, this is dependent on the cork flooring being installed properly right at the start; that is if it is installed with the requisite number of layers of water barrier sealer on its surface.You can then go about sweeping or vacuuming the way you normally would and this would be sufficient for keeping this surface clean. Just be sure to clean up spills so that flooring doesn’t get stained!So, if you are looking for flooring that is low in maintenance, then cork flooring is the perfect option for you.

​It Absorbs Noise

​One of the biggest pros of having cork flooring is that it provides plenty of insulation that helps it absorb noise. This is particularly key if you have a busy household or lots of guests coming in and out of your home; the cork flooring will definitely absorb all of that noise!Cork comprises lots and lots of small chambers of air that effectively act as barriers against the sound traveling across space, thereby absorbing the noise and sound of a room.So if having a quiet and peaceful house or room is a priority for you, cork flooring would be the best option for you.


​One of the biggest issues with anything to do with indoor decor and the different materials you use is how your body is going to react to that particular material. When it comes to cork flooring, you don’t have to worry about this at all as it is hypoallergenic!In general, cork flooring doesn’t trap much of the smaller particulate matter such as dust, which is often the main cause of allergic reactions. This makes cork flooring a really safe and reliable option if you are prone to allergies or have health conditions such as asthma.dining hall

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Other Pros

​Here are some other pros, briefly, that could help you decide if cork flooring is for you:

  • ​Cork contains antimicrobial properties.
  • ​It is fairly easy to install.
  • ​Depending on your taste, it can be quite aesthetically pleasing!


​Like with most things, cork flooring also has a set on cons that you should keep in mind before you decide on whether or not it is the best material for flooring.Here are some of the cons that you should definitely take into consideration before making your decision!


​When it comes to durability, relative to many other types of flooring, cork flooring is not as durable as you might like.Even though it lasts for an objectively long time with companies offering guarantees for about 15 years or so, this is not nearly as long lasting as say, for example, wood.So if you are looking for flooring that is truly going to stand the test of time, cork flooring may not be the type of flooring you want. However, you might find variations of cork flooring that last longer than others!

Susceptible To Wear And Tear

​In relation to how durable cork is or isn’t it is important to factor in how susceptible the material is to wear and tear.Unfortunately, when it comes to cork, it is quite susceptible to small scratches, especially since it is a soft material, making it all the more vulnerable.In particular, you should be wary of using furniture that could sink into this to avoid damaging the surface.Moreover, if you have pets, then this could be even more difficult to maintain as they could easily leave scratch marks along its surface.It can also fade or get damaged on exposure sunlight.


​It is also important to note that this can be quite expensive. This could in part be due to the fact that you have to continuously re-seal the surface every 5 years or so so that it maintains its waterproof features.So, in general, cork flooring can become expensive as these small costs accumulate over time.In short, it is up to you to decide if you would rather pay these small costs over time or pay more at the beginning for a different kind of flooring.

So Is Cork Flooring For You?

Now you have all the information you could possibly need when it comes to cork flooring!

These pros and cons provide you with the clearest picture of what cork flooring is all about; but what you choose to prioritize or is most important for you when it comes to flooring, it is entirely dependent on your specific needs!

Are you looking for flooring that is easy to maintain or are you more interested in finding flooring that has a soft surface? Do you want flooring that will keep your feet warm or are you looking for flooring that will last for ages and ages? Only you can answer these questions!

So, now that you have all of the facts regarding this and it is up to you to figure out if it ticks everything on your checklist for the best flooring you could possibly have!

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