Relive the glory days of the golden era of films with these Art Deco homes.

The glory days of the 1930’s film industry brought us the unique look of Art Deco. Bold exteriors, unique colors, and the use of “new” building materials like neon all helped to create a one of a kind look.

Now, those same buildings can sell for millions.

One of the most iconic examples of Art Deco is the Chrysler Building. Or the many hotels that dot Ocean Drive in South Beach. Some of these buildings still exist, and they sell for a pretty penny.

Here are the 12 of the most insane Art Deco homes for sale:

1. The Carlyle in Miami, FL

Miami Beach was the scene of a renaissance in the art deco movement in the 80s.

The Carlyle South Beach Miami Florida

Posted by Mike Williams on Thursday, November 21, 2013

No other property represented that more than The Carlyle. As seen in movies like Scarface and The Birdcage, this Ocean Drive icon is known for its neon lights and exterior color.

Opening in 1941, the building was designed by the architectural firm Kiehnel and Elliott. Units in this building can range anywhere from $890,000 to over $2 million. Which makes it one of the more expensive Art Deco purchases around.

2. The Vogue Apartments in Santa Monica, CA

The Vogue Apartments – designed by G.C. McAllister and built in 1937

Posted by Nick Vengsgaard on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Currently listed for $3,795,000. The Vogue Apartments is a mixed unit building built in 1937 by renowned architect G.C. McAllister.

Flaunting a Nautical Streamline Modern style, the six-unit building has been well maintained. It is in a popular area of Santa Monica.

3. The Raleigh Hotel in Miami, FL

Hotel Raleigh. Miami Beach, Florida.

Posted by Nelia Victoria on Friday, December 2, 2016

And, that’s just the swimming pool.

This hotel was named the “grand dame” of Art Deco in South Beach by Conde Nast Traveler. The Raleigh Hotel is one of the more iconic South Beach hotels. Sold for $55 million in 2012, The Raleigh is as old as they come.

Designed in the 1940’s by architect L. Murray Dixon, the hotel has views of the ocean. Not to mention plenty of amenities including that iconic pool above.

4. Eastern Columbia in Los Angeles, CA

The Eastern Columbia building, an art deco icon. Most beautiful pool deck in Los Angeles

Posted by Weird Hollywood on Friday, December 8, 2017

Built in 1930. The Eastern Columbia is one of the last examples of Art Deco architecture left in the Los Angeles area.

Currently, a one-bed one-bath with 1,030sq ft. is being sold for a whopping $895,000. That’s almost $900 dollars per-square-foot to live in this L.A. landmark. It includes an iconic clock tower that can easily be seen on the city skyline.

5. 517 N 6th St in Tacoma, WA

Posted by For The Love Of Old Houses on Monday, August 8, 2016

Blending luxury with nature, this five-bedroom home is on the market for $850,000. Features include a spiral staircase, rounded exterior façade, and picturesque windows. This indulgent home is perfect for those looking for an upscale respite in Washington.

6. Walker Tower in New York

Posted by ART DECO Society of New York on Thursday, August 24, 2017

A four-bedroom and four-and-a-half-bath apartment, in the Art Deco condominium, Walker Tower, sold in 2016. The price tag, a stunning $24 million. It was sold to Daniel Stephen Hafner of

Designed by famed architect Ralph Thomas Walker and built circa 1929, the sale was one of the most expensive at the time.

7. Avenue Henri Martin in Paris, France

Avenue Henri Martin

Posted by David Darmon on Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selling for 2.35-million euro, this 3-bedroom apartment is inside the Roux-Spitz Building. It is a model of the style, with a complete art deco look.

White adorns the apartment from floor to ceiling. The building also displays angular designs in the mantle and on accent walls.

8. 1357 Camden Ln in Ventura, CA

Promotional Image via Zillow, house for sale $1,895,000

Another California listing, this art deco home is currently on the market for $1,895,000. It boasts a four-bedroom, three-bathroom layout. Although constructed in 1994, the home offers the sleek look of the Art Deco style.

9. 6424 W Olympic in Los Angeles, CA

Promotional image via Redfin – Sale Price: $2,900,000

Listed at 2.9 million, this six-unit building is in the popular 1939 Art Deco style. Close to Beverley Hills and Downtown L.A., this building oozes style and sophistication. The front facade boasts rounded floor to ceiling windows common to Art Deco architecture.

10. 5010 Kate Session Way in San Diego, CA

A slight variation on the other properties listed, this San Diego home is in the French Art Deco style. Nestled on nearly half an acre the property is custom built. It has four-bedrooms and four-and-a-half-baths. Now on the market for $2,275,000, a steal, of course! Its European style makes for a rich investment for anyone in San Diego.

11. 9550 Heather Rd in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills is known for its property. This ten-bedroom, fifteen-and-a-half-bathroom home is no different.

Circa 1937, this home is on the market for a stunning $45 million. Once home to Hollywood powerhouse Ed Limato. This estate offers a wine cellar, cigar room, Olympic style pool, and a 16-seat movie theatre.

12. Granada House in Cornwall, UK

On the market for $3 million, the Granada House is on a Cliffside in Cornwall. Built in the 1930s, the house has curved windows that offer expansive views of the Oceanside. Extensive rockwork adds aesthetic to the design.

Buying Art Deco

Art Deco is an iconic architectural design that has plenty of features that would work for anyone. From the unique building designs to the large windows, and even all the neon accents. Owning an Art Deco property is unlike anything else. From Miami Beach to L.A. there are options for anyone with the money and the taste.

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