A living room makeover is a great opportunity to get a big design bang for your buck. It’s also one of the easiest rooms to renovate for a fresh, new look. Contemporary style is all about tweaking: adding elements, rotating seasonal colors, and changing tones.

Contemporary style can be thematic or eclectic. The best part is that it’s up to you. And the second best part is that a living room makeover can be done on a dime. Unlike kitchen and bath makeovers, there are no expensive fixtures to upgrade. Inexpensive textiles and fresh paint go a long away. Couches and chairs get a whole new look with just a couple of cushions.

Once the basics of good interior design practices — proportion, profile, and flow — are in place, you can create a fresh look with just a few changes. Just like keeping your wardrobe on-point, invest in well-made, classic basics. Then, play with the trends to keep your décor exciting and fun.

Here are 15 of the most exciting new trends for your next living room makeover and fabulous finds to realize them.

1. The Trend: Monochrome Layering

More than ever, the home is becoming a necessary sanctuary from the anxiety of everyday life. Because of this, monochrome color palettes are becoming more popular. Tone on tone creates emotional and mental peace. While providing depth and interest, varying shades of the same color or color family demand nothing of us. This makes them perfect for creating a serene interior.

The Find:

If you’re going for the layered monochrome look, Surefit manufactures living room textiles in soft muted neutral tones to match. You’ll find coordinated slipcovers, decorative pillows, and window treatments that will instantly turn your chaotically colored living room into a meditative space. Their online buying tool also guarantees you’ll get the look you want. No matter the shape and size of your furniture.

2. The Trend: Neutral Palettes

There still some controversy over whether gray neutral palettes are on the way out. Cooler tones have been leading the forefront for the last five years. But the market has failed to meet the demand. Perhaps the demand just isn’t there yet. Some interior fashionistas predict a comeback of warmer beiges and buffs.

The Find: One-Coat Paint

Whether you want to warm things up or cool them down, nothing changes a room like a fresh coat of paint. But you don’t want to spend days on your living room makeover. Behr paints guarantees one-coat coverage with their Marquee line of paint. They also have an online tool that lets you upload a picture of the space you’re painting. You can then try out their tints on the image, getting a preview of the results.

3. The Trend: Jewel Tone Color Accents

Whatever the neutral base, color pops are moving from bright colors to jewel tones. Richer colors will be used in accents throughout homes, including ranges in deep greens, blues, and orange.

We think this jewel-toned living room is #goals. What do you think?

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The Find:

Vibrant throw pillows from Pillow Décor:

4. The Trend: Luxury Upholstery

Rich fabrics like suede and velvet are making a comeback in textiles for the living room makeover. With improved manufacturing techniques, faux suede looks great and velvets and velour are easier to care for.

The Find:

Suede seating by Robyn Hood Living:

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5. The Trend: Metallic Accents

The biggest surge in traffic for Pinterest in home decorating recently is for metal interior products, with Elle Décor reporting that the site has seen a 135% increase in the past six months.

The Find:

Metallic note vases from Kirkland’s:

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6. The Trend: Curved Seating

Curved seating is retro, but curved couches and chairs add to the new serenity theme. With soft edges and simple design, curved couches make good use of limited floor space. They direct flow without making anyone feel boxed in.

The Find:

This curved sectional seating collection from West Elm

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7. The Trend: Statement Floors

Bold flooring that makes a statement will make a showing in coming years. You don’t have to install new flooring. For a quick living room makeover, choose a vibrant new area rug to update your look.

The Finds:

Bold rug from Lulu and Georgia:

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8. The Trend: 3D Walls

Focal walls rich with texture, from 3D artwork to 3D wall treatments that mimic stone, brick or other surfaces, will be a popular living room makeover element.

The Finds:

3D Wallpaper from Gidi Decor:

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9. The Trend: Beautiful Brokenness

Known as Wabi-sabi, this decor trend will be very hot. The philosophy of wabi-sabi focuses on the imperfect and the concept of renewal through care and forgiveness of faults. It embraces sincerity, as well as serenity, in the use of organic materials made with more love than care. Add wabi-sabi to your home with authentic pieces.

The Find:

The present imperfect in these hand-thrown pottery pieces from The Future Kept:

10. The Trend: Hand-Made Charm

A backlash against corporatism means that hand-made is no longer a dirty word. Hand-made items, whether made by yourself or a favorite craftsman, are bringing intimacy and individualism back to interior design.

This includes a return to hand-drawn prints and patterns with an old-world feel, rather than the precision of computer-aided graphics. Hand-lettering, stamped prints, typewriter fonts, and the like add authenticity in a cookie-cutter world. You’ll see them on wallpapers, textiles, and wall artwork.

This lamp shade with hand drawn print:

11. The Trend: Vintage Lighting

This one has been on the upswing for the last several years. With refurbishing and reuse of discarded materials so popular, vintage lighting will remain a favorite for the living room makeover.

The Find:

Industrial lighting from Tower Lighting:

12. The Trend: Tribal Touches

Tribal patterns and colors, including white, black and dark beige will will be popular. Combined with organic materials, they create a grounded feel in home decor.

The Find:

Mud cloth throw pillows from Konkada:

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13. The Trend: Eco-Friendly

Sustainable materials and a reduction of processing chemicals are popular for any living room makeover. Organic materials sourced from renewable sources, with low-to-no VOCs in paints and finishes provide an eco-friendly interior.

The Find:

Sustainably grown wood furnishings from Harp and Finial

14. The Trend: Frugality

The trend to reduce, reuse, and recycle has resulted in a number of upcycled elements for your living room makeover. From repurposed industrial fixtures to refurbished doors and windows, these unique pieces add interest.

The Find:

This reclaimed wood coffee table from Wikstrom Woodworks

15. The Trend: Natural Materials

Stone, raw wood, and leather are popular for home decor. Your living room makeover should include organic elements to bring nature indoors.

The Find:

These reclaimed root vessels from Viva Terra:

Refresh your interior with some of these elements for your next living room makeover. Trends in interior design should give ideas, not dictate. Embrace any of these 15 trends if they appeal. But don’t try to force them. Your choices should be personal and unique to you.

Feature Image: CC by CC0, by khiemtran87, via Pixabay

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