Oh no. Isn’t it a drag?

You’re halfway through a major restoration when you completely run out of money!!

you can’t pay the contractor

his workers are discontent

everything grinds to a halt

What are you going to do?? Why not just do it yourself instead.

Listen, I know what you’re probably thinking:

  • it’s too hard
  • I’ll mess it up
  • I’ll waste money
  • it’s out of my wheelhouse
  • let the professionals handle it

Listen, the simple fact of the matter is that if you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of your contractor and any of the unforeseeable hiccups along the way, you’re out of luck.

You HAVE TO do it yourself.

But, it’s not all bleak. Here’s the good news:

Not every DIY home restoration project is complex or difficult. Not every project is expensive. And, some of the seemingly complex projects are much easier than they initially appear.

Have faith in yourself. You CAN do more than you probably realize.

What’s more, a solid portion of your invoice to the contractor goes towards labor costs.

And, why wouldn’t it?

Labor in the home renovation/home restoration industry requires skill and experience. Something you may not have…


But, if you follow these projects, you’ll be able to significantly cut down on contractor costs while STILL getting the home of your dreams.

Let’s dive in

Our 10 favorite DIY restoration hacks almost anyone can do:

Remodeling a Bathroom for Under $500


I know what you’re thinking…$500??

No way. No how. It’s clickbait. It’s too good to be true.

But, it isn’t.

Sure, sure. Having the exposed end grain on the shelves isn’t ideal. But, come on. $500??

This is probably THE BEST bathroom project on the cheap I’ve seen on Youtube so far.

Mike Montgomery is a highly talented renovator. If you like this project, don’t forget to follow his Facebook and check out his site.

Complete Home Renovation For $12,000

Like Mike’s budget remodel, Youtuber Homemade Home decided to restore an entire home for $12k

This is a multi-part series. Through the videos you’ll cover everything from start to finsh.

Honestly, it’s a ton of work.

But, come on.

$12K Who wouldn’t want to live in this gorgeous home. A little elbow grease and a nice chunk of change.

This extreme fixer upper comes in far less than the cost of most tiny homes!

In the end, this youtuber turns the rough shack into a beautiful rental property.

Install A Dryer Vent in Your House

Sick of doing laundry in the basement?

Why not move the dryer vent to the first floor using this project from East Texas Homestead?

Bear in mind that Eric’s project does have a few overlooked safety issues:

  1. Be sure to use an all foil and metal tape for this project – In the event of a fire, the heat would melt plastic.
  2. Eric forgot the dampener/guard on the exterior hood which will cause lint to back up (and an eventual blockage).

Other than that, this is a quick, easy, and affordable project which will make laundry day much nicer in your home.

Here is Eric and Jenn’s blog: EastTexasHomestead and Facebook page.

Stippled or Stomped Ceiling Removal

Need to remove a stippled or stomped ceiling?

Never fear! It’s nowhere near as complicated as you think it is.

Spencer and Ana of Building Modern guide us through some of the pitfalls of removing a stippled or stomped ceiling.

Learn from their mistakes and make your project much easier.

DIY Furniture Restoration

What’s a beautifully renovated interior without equally beautiful, restored furniture?

Pat Mayo perfectly understands this concept and shares some of her favorite restoration hacks while restoring a headboard.

Sprucing up tarnished, antique furniture is a great way to give your historic home an authentic appearance true to its roots.

Best of all, this project is affordable, easy, fun, and yields VERY respectable results.

Check out more from Pat on her self-titled Youtube channel.

Dumpy Farm House Living Room Restoration

Check out how the renovation power duo Wabi Sab-E completely transform the dumpy living room of this 100 + year old farm home into a much more modern, livable space.

For the modest sum of $300, these guys completely change this vital area of the house into a timeless, elegant area.

You can follow Wabi Sab-E on Instagram and Youtube.

Need more ideas?

Here are 4 more of our current favorite projects on the web:

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